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Using your MS Society email — an important reminder!

Some time ago, we started giving individual MS Society (MSS) email addresses to volunteers in certain roles. Our clear expectation was that volunteers must use these whenever communicating with an external person or organisation by email on our behalf, in order to

  • reassure recipients that emails are from a trusted source.
  • provide consistent branding and disclaimers.
  • ensure that all MSS data (both personal and non-personal) is secured within our approved network, to fulfil data protection (GDPR) requirements.

Our position on this hasn’t changed. And with the increasing danger of data security breaches, it’s now even more important that you use your MSS email (if you have one) for all MSS activity.

Why can’t I use my personal email instead?
We have no control over third-party applications. We can’t verify the safety of your private emails, and we could offer very little support if these were compromised.

It’s so much easier for me to have everything in one account instead of logging into multiple accounts.
We do understand this. But it’s important that you keep your volunteer role and the data associated with that role separate. You must only use our approved network for holding MSS data, including non-personal information. Using any other system puts people’s data at risk.

Why is this important? I can take care of the data I hold in my personal email account.
There are two main reasons:

  • To protect you. If things go wrong while you’re following our procedures and using our systems, you can’t be held individually liable.

  • Using your MSS emails, or the SharePoint file store linked to your account, allows other volunteers to access shared files if you’re away. And it means that multiple copies aren't held in private email accounts. In cases of emergency, our IT support can provide help with data recovery.

Gmail, Hotmail and other email providers have good security in place, so what’s the issue?
These are no doubt good systems. But in your role as an MSS volunteer you need to use the systems we’ve approved and configured for safe use for all staff and volunteers.

So what would you like me to do now?

  • If you have an individual MSS email account, please log in to check that it's still active.

  • If it’s not, please contact the Volunteer Support Team ([email protected] or 0300 500 8084 #3) for help with reactivating it.

  • Once your account is active, please ensure that you use it for all MSS business.

  • If you’re a group volunteer with access to your MSS group or support account, please check that as well.

Thank you

Our supporters trust us with their personal information, and we all share the responsibility to keep it safe. Thanks for understanding the importance of this. We know many of our volunteers are already using their MSS emails routinely in their volunteer roles.

If you have any other queries not covered above, we recommend speaking with your staff contact in the first instance. But please contact us at [email protected] with any feedback.