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Risk management audit (events and socials)

As you know, providing an environment where we can keep everyone safe must be a key consideration for every event or activity we plan. This is why we have a risk management system. And, to ensure that we’re meeting our legal obligations and duty of care, we also carry out risk management audits.

Before the pandemic, we completed these audits in person. An MS Society staff member would visit each group to look at their paperwork and check that their risk management met the required standards.

Now, groups detail all their activities on the Portal, and upload the associated risk management paperwork. This means we have the information we need to complete audits remotely — saving on both volunteer time and staff travel costs.

When will the audit happen?

We’ll begin the audit process this month. We’ll be checking the information we hold about group activities against what’s on the Portal. If we find any discrepancies, or need further information, we’ll be in touch. We’ll also contact any groups which use unmanaged venues for their activities, to check these arrangements.

Do I need to do anything?

If you’re involved in recording your group’s events and activities on the Portal, please help us by checking that your listings are up to date. Any events that are no longer running should be marked as ‘Inactive’.

See our Portal spring cleaning advice for a reminder on how to update activity listings. (It’s a great chance to tidy up your volunteer information there, too!)

Thank you!

If the information we use for the audit is up to date, it’ll make the process quicker and easier for everyone involved.