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Representing us on your personal social media

A personal social media account is one operated by you and about you. You could be talking about your hobbies, your breakfast, your latest holiday, or your work or volunteering. We’d love you to use your personal account to talk about your experience of volunteering with the MS Society.

If you do talk about your volunteering though, you’re representing the MS Society. We therefore ask that you familiarise yourself with our Social Media Policy, particularly the points below.

1.Your biography/description/about section should include that your views are your own. For example: I’m Joe Bloggs, Campaign Assistant at @mssocietyuk. Foodie, Feng Shui enthusiast and sailor. All views are my own.

  1. Do include our official MS Society @handle in your posts about volunteering with us where possible. These are:
  • Facebook –
  • X (formerly known as Twitter) - @mssocietyuk
  • Instagram - @mssocietyuk
  1. Please don’t use our official MS Society logo as the profile photo on your personal account.

  2. Follow our Code of Conduct.

If you’d like some support on using social media or setting up an account, check out our Social Media Toolkit for Volunteers.

In the toolkit, you'll find lots of handy tips, ideas and guidance on using social media to reach and connect with more people in your area.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected] or call 0300 500 8084, option #3.