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Staying Active with MS

Staying Active with MS is an online monthly peer support group open to anyone living with MS who'd like to get moving again.

We feature a different sport or activity each month — bringing you experts from the field who can explain how to get involved and how to overcome barriers to inclusion.

We also hear from people living with MS who take part in the activity, sharing their experiences and what being involved means to them.

The sessions are hosted by Phil Evans, who describes why these sessions are so important to him:

“Since I was diagnosed in 2004 I have, after coming to terms with a massive change in my lifestyle due to my diagnosis, always aimed to be proactive in my own self care. We're often pointed to physiotherapy but I've found that this can limit you to thinking that you move your body only in a way that's prescribed as 'medicine'.

Over time, I've come to see that all movement and exercise is beneficial! By finding an activity that you really enjoy, you'll never see it as a chore and you won’t ever need to be forced to do it.

I also see it as us MS-ers reclaiming the word 'progression' to be something positive for us once more — the more often you practice an activity the better you'll be at it!

The one take home from all this is to 'do something'. What that is is up to you. The purpose of the Staying Active sessions is to provide you with ideas and maybe inspiration to do something that'll make you happy. We hope you'll join us. Maybe it could be the start of a whole new chapter for you!”

Sandra MacDonald was diagnosed with primary progressive MS in 2022. She came along to our Staying Active with MS session on sailing, and describes how it helped her to get motivated:

“After the session, which I thoroughly enjoyed, I started using the swimming pool in the campsite we're staying at, as I was experiencing stiffness and painful spasticity. I've also looked up local sailing clubs near me back home and it's my intention to make contact once we head back from our long break.”

Come and join us at one of our upcoming sessions:

  • Football - Monday 31 July, 6-7pm

We're excited to welcome London FA to join us to talk about inclusive football. Come along and pitch your questions to the football experts.

  • Walking, Strolling and Rolling - Monday 4 September, 6-7pm

Find your way into the great outdoors. A representative from the Ramblers, Britain’s Walking Charity, will join the session. They'll give us insights into how you can find accessible routes, join their groups, and much more.

  • Wheelchair Rugby Monday 2 October, 6-7pm

This session isn't for the faint hearted. Wheelchair rugby has also been called murderball due to the fast paced, full contact nature of the game.

We'll be joined by Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby, who'll talk about how the sport is growing at a grass roots level and how you can get involved. And we'll be joined by Shelley Goodman, who plays for Taunton Gladiators.

You can sign up for any of these sessions, and find out about future ones, here.