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Marking Black History Month

October is Black History Month. A time for us to recognise and celebrate our Black community, to share their stories and amplify their voices.

This year’s theme is Saluting our Sisters. A chance for us to hear the stories of inspirational Black women across our community. An opportunity to recognise and celebrate their often-forgotten achievements. An occasion for us to come together to applaud the Black women in our lives.

Throughout October, we'll be:

  • sharing the stories of Black women living with MS and the Black women who support our community — mums, sisters, carers, nurses, researchers.

  • celebrating the stories of Black women in medicine, like Dame Elizabeth Anionwu and Mary Seacole.

  • recognising the contributions of Black women to research, like Ruth E. Moore and Kizzmekia Shanta Corbett.

We're going to collect these stories into a video to share across our channels in October. If you'd like to contribute, please get in touch! Email [email protected] and include ‘Saluting our sisters’ in the subject line.

On Monday 23 October at 7pm, Talks with MS will be hosting a webinar, as part of a collaboration with the MS Society, to celebrate the success of Black women. Terri-Louise Brown, founder of Talks with MS, will be facilitating the evening. We’ll hear from a panel of women living with MS or affected by MS. Book tickets to our Black History Month webinar with Talks with MS.

Keep an eye on our social channels and the MS Society website throughout October for more.