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Volunteer Impact Awards 2023 — thoughts from our Panel

Our Volunteer Impact Awards are one way that we acknowledge the commitment, achievements, and successes of our volunteers. The awards shine a spotlight on their amazing contributions and the impact they have on people affected by MS. And they culminate in a star-studded annual event, live streamed across the UK!

Nominations come in throughout the year from service users, volunteers and staff. These are then assessed by our Panel, made up of experienced volunteers from a variety of roles at the MS Society. They meet quarterly to identify those volunteers who’ve gone above and beyond their regular volunteering and decide if nominees will receive an award. 

For our Volunteer Impact Awards event, the Panel selects an overall winner and two runners-up from each of our six impact categories. Our winners are then announced on the night by special guests.

You can nominate at any time during the year, but anyone nominated before Saturday 30 September will have a chance of being a finalist at our award ceremony at the end of November. So, nominate an outstanding volunteer here now!

We spoke to some of our Panel members about their role in the awards, and what it is that makes MS Society volunteers so special.

Yolanda Barker

"I’m so proud to be part of the Volunteer Impact Awards Panel because I get to acknowledge amazing people and the wonderful work they’re doing. I also have an incredible feeling of achievement because I’ve found an area of volunteering I hadn’t thought about before and I get a buzz from the work the Panel does."

Pat Crossley

"Hearing such wonderful stories of what the volunteers have achieved and the delight when they discover they’ve been chosen. The first event was a most moving event, and I expect this year’s will be equally moving, challenging, and rewarding for all those present. The dynamics of the event was something I’ll never forget, and the staff made it a special evening for everyone concerned — another example of the MS family at its best!"

Trishna Bharadia

"As with every year, it's hearing the stories behind the nominations and learning more about all the wonderful work that volunteers are doing for the MS community. It never fails to put a smile on my face, uplift and inspire me!"

Susannah Robinson

"[I look forward to] showcasing the astounding work that volunteers do — showing the real difference they make to people with MS and being able to give back just a tiny bit of credit where a huge amount of credit is due!"

Stuart Nixon MBE

"Although nobody volunteers to get an award, recognition shows how much the MS Society values all the incredible work our fantastic volunteers do every day to support our community."

You can find out more about the nomination process, and how the Panel makes its decisions, on our Volunteer Impact Award page.