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2023 Financial Year-End is coming! An important first step for Finance Volunteers and Group Coordinators

As we wave goodbye to summer, our thoughts are turning to the Financial Year-End process.

We want to start preparing early so that the process works as smoothly as possible for everyone.

As a result of feedback last year, we’ll be using a simpler online system for the 2023 Year-End process.

However, the Finance Volunteer and Group Coordinator for each group will need to use their MS Society email addresses ([email protected]) this year.

So an important step is for us to make sure that everyone who needs to can successfully log in to their MS Society email account.

Please follow the ‘Can I access my MS Society email account?’ instructions below.

Once we’re confident that most people can access their MS Society email accounts, we’ll let you know more about the process and the support we can offer to help you through it.

  • My group has more than one Finance Volunteer or Group Coordinator

If your group is fortunate enough to have more than one Group Coordinator or Finance Volunteer, please decide locally who will complete the process. Whoever this is should follow the instructions below.

  • My group is currently without a Finance Volunteer or Group Coordinator

If your group is currently without a Finance Volunteer or Group Coordinator, someone else from your Coordinating Team will need to undertake these roles for the Year-End process. Please let us know who this will be, so we can ensure that they can access an MS Society email address ahead of the Year-End process starting.

Can I access my MS Society email account?

If you’re a Finance Volunteer or Group Coordinator, we sent you an email on 14 September. The email was from ‘Finance Support’, with ‘Year-End test’ as the subject line.

The email we sent contains a link. Please click on this link to access a form and respond to a single question. This will let us know that you can access your MS Society email account.

If you’re accessing the form from your personal email address, you’ll be prompted to log in with your MS Society email address details. It’ll automatically take you to a screen asking for the password to this account:

  • Type in the password for your MS Society email account and press ‘Enter’
  • Select whether you’d like to receive your second security code by message, call or email
  • Retrieve the security code from the message, call or email
  • Type in the security code so that you can access the form

  • I received the email, but haven’t clicked on the link

Please do so as soon as possible, and by 27 October at the latest. We’ll then know who needs support to get set up with a working MS Society email address.

  • I received the email and clicked on the link, but I couldn’t access the form

If you tried clicking on the link but couldn't access the form, please try again. This issue should now be resolved. If you continue to have any problems, please contact [email protected].

  • I didn’t receive the email

If you haven’t received the email, please let [email protected] know, so we can re-send it.

  • I need to reset the password for my MS Society email account

You can find instructions here for how to reset your MS Society email password.

  • I’m having trouble resetting my password

Please contact the Volunteer Support Team by emailing [email protected] or calling 0300 500 8084 (option #3).

  • I don’t have an MS Society email account

Please contact the Volunteer Support Team by emailing [email protected] or calling 0300 500 8084 (option #3).