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Help us to improve

We want to make sure that everyone who contacts us, for whatever reason, has an experience that meets their needs. So, we're conducting research into the different ways people interact with us — volunteering, campaigning, donating, using our services and support, etc.

We’d like to hear about your experiences of dealing with the MS Society. What do we do well, and what could we do better?

You can help improve the services and support we deliver to you and everyone who needs them.

How do I get involved?

We want to talk to a range of people, of varying ages and ethnicities, with different experiences of MS. But, as we can't talk to everybody, the first step is for you to complete a quick online screening survey.

If you have the relevant circumstances and experiences for this research, you'll then be contacted by the agency we're working with on this.

If you're selected to take part and can complete an hour's interview on Zoom, we'll give you a £50 cash payment to thank you for your time.

Find out more and have your say.