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Introducing our new-look website

Our new-look main website is set to go live early April. As well as a fresh new face there are some important changes that will help us develop stronger, deeper and longer-lasting relationships with our audiences.

More than just a pretty face

The new website will include a refreshed colour palette and new fonts, which will both improve accessibility.

You’ll also see the use of lots more illustrations and animations as part of our new-look brand. You might have noticed this fresh look in places on the website already, as well as on our social media.

Working with members of the community in co-production, we’ve restructured the main menu based on their expectations and needs. While the information and content on the website will stay the same, most of it will be in a new location.

This re-structure of pages does mean most URLs will change. But there’ll be redirects for old URLs to the new pages, so you’ll still be able to find anything you've saved. And you won’t have any dead links from the old URLs you’ve shared either digitally or in print.

Why change?

We last made big changes to our site in 2020. We concentrated on the content management system that our colleagues use to create content. Before that, the last time we updated our visual design was in 2018, so we were due a facelift!

We know many people first come into contact with us through our website at an early stage of their MS journey. It's also somewhere they come back to again and again for information or to engage with our MS community.

We want to create deeper, stronger and longer lasting relationships with the people we reach. That means having a website that’s ‘best in class’. With seamless user journey experience, personalisation and engaging, useful content that speaks to the whole of our community.

What’s going to happen next?

We’ll start work on Phase 2 almost immediately. This will include implementing the personalisation experience of the website.

As well as the new look, there’ll be a new style to a lot of what we do. You’ll see more article-like content, which will give a more magazine feel.

If you have any questions, or suggestions please contact [email protected].