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We’ve elevated our brand!

If you’re eagle-eyed, you may already have noticed that our refreshed new brand identity is now rolling out across the organisation at a fast pace. With new bold colours, new accessible font, a new refined logo, and new illustrations… it’s all systems go! And there’s loads more to come.

We hope that you enjoy our new brand and how it positively represents our community. As well as being vibrant, engaging, and modern, it’s highly accessible, flexible, and inclusive.

We’ve been phasing in our new brand since the beginning of the year, and we’re now ramping up the roll-out to coincide with the launch of the website.

You’ll see the new styling being applied to our social media channels, Spring Appeal, MS Weekly Lottery, events like MS Walk, Challenge 29, 7 Summits and our Corporate Challenge, Frontiers, Training Packs, Stop MS Donor and Advances updates, and Will Writing Guide. And that’s just the start. Just wait until you see the next issue of MS Matters!

When will the rollout be completed?

Rolling out our new brand is a big task, so you’ll see lots of items still using the old brand for some time yet, but rest assured we’re busily beavering our way through the long list.

If you’re in one of our local groups, we’ll be in touch soon about how the new brand will be applied to our MSS Designs service. We are updating the design templates, and fresh guidance will be available soon. If you have any urgent artwork requests, please email [email protected] and the team will be in touch to help.

But if you already have a stash of printed items with the old branding, don’t worry. It’s fine to keep using them.

How can I find out more?

Right now, our focus is on updating our Brand Guidance and Toolkits. These will include all you need to know about how to apply our new brand identity and our brand language. Once they’re ready to be shared, we’ll host a series of online brand sessions so that we can walk you through the changes and answer any questions you might have.

Transforming our brand has been a huge undertaking and we’d like to thank everyone across the community who’s been involved in helping us co-produce it and make creative decisions thus far. There will be further opportunities to get involved as we apply the brand throughout the year, so stay tuned for news on how to get involved in the coming months.