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Applying for funding from trusts and foundations

Funding from trusts and foundations can be a great source of income for groups. But it's really important that you check in with your Community Fundraiser (via [email protected]) before making an application or approaching any trusts or foundations.

Trusts can often only make one grant at a time, so it's vital we check to see if an application has already been made — either centrally or by another group.

• Groups in England should check in with Molly Deakin (Group Community Fundraiser) before approaching a trust. Groups in the other nations should check in with their Community Fundraiser.

• If the trust gives a grant, you need to log it on your group finance records as trusts/foundations income.

• If your group receives a grant of £5,000 or more, please let Molly know. We need to check with the trust to see if they’d like to be included in our Annual Report acknowledgement page.

If your group has a project you need funding, why not check in with Molly to see whether an Awards for All application may be the best option. You can now apply for up to £20,000 to be spent on a project over two years. Look out for more information on Awards for All in a future newsletter.

Molly's available to support you with any part of the trust application process and so please do reach out on [email protected].