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Key features of Assemble, our new volunteer management system

This month, we wanted to share with you some of the key features of Assemble, our new volunteer management system (VMS), which is launching later this year. Wherever we can, we’ve built the system to simplify processes our volunteers complete.

Assemble will also take on much of the functionality currently held within the Portal and volunteer website. Both of these sites will retire at the end of the year once we have Assemble up and running.

Assemble is a tried and tested system used by lots of large charities in the UK, such as the British Red Cross, Diabetes UK and RSPB. We’re working with organisations using the system to understand what works for them and learning from the experiences of their volunteers and staff.

Updating and accessing your personal and volunteer details

Through your Assemble account, you’ll be able to view and update key information held within your volunteer profile. This will include the ability to update your contact details, and see which email address we hold for you. You’ll also be able to see your volunteer role(s) and the start date we hold on record for you. Group Coordinators will be able to see and update some contact data on behalf of their group volunteers.

Uploading service information

In Assemble, key group volunteers will be able to upload information regarding the events and services run by the group. The activities uploaded to Assemble will pull through to our ‘Near Me’ pages so that they can be found by members of the community looking for support.

Keeping track of messages

The system will help our staff teams to keep track of emails and phone calls with volunteers. This will allow us to log conversations so that you don’t have to repeat the details or background of questions and issues when you contact us by email or phone.

What’s next?

The launch of Assemble is part of a bigger project to transform the way we capture and use data across the organisation.

We’re currently working on a plan to roll Assemble out to volunteers over a number of months. We'll share more details in future newsletters.