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Starting services delivered by a professional through a Service Level Agreement (SLA)

  • One-to-one services (such as individual podiatry sessions, or financial advice from a CAB partner)
  • Services for more than one person (such as group exercise classes)

If you’d like to start a service delivered by a professional through an SLA, the first step is to understand the process you’ll need to follow to complete a new SLA with your Service Provider. Find out about this by viewing our three-minute video in the ‘Resources’ section below.

Taster session risk assessment

Before entering into an SLA with a Service Provider, you may wish to run a 'taster session' event where participants can try out the potential new service. We've now developed a risk assessment to enable this. You can find the document here.

Please note: This risk assessment can only be used once with a Service Provider. Any subsequent sessions led by the same Service Provider must then be run with a Service Level Agreement in place, in order to be covered by our insurance.



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