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Grants Training

If you're a volunteer who’s involved in assessing or supporting grants at your local group and you’d like some guidance and support, join us at one of our optional training sessions.

We’re offering a couple of different sessions – one that’s a refresher for volunteers with some experience of grants, and one that’s more detailed for volunteers new to grants.

Grants refresher and networking sessions

These sessions are for volunteers who’ve been involved in group grants in the past, so have knowledge of our grants schemes - but would like a refresher about processes and an update on changes. It may be that your group slowed down activity during the pandemic and is getting back into giving grants. Or you may have changed your role away from grants but want to get involved again.

The session is flexible so it can focus on areas of interest agreed by everyone attending. These may include:

  • principles of good grant making that shape what we do

  • an overview of what your group should have in place to offer grants

  • an overview of the grants that your group can offer

  • how to assess grant applications and tools to support this

It’s also an opportunity to ask questions, give feedback and network with volunteers from other groups.


New-to-grants training sessions

These sessions are for volunteers getting involved with grants for the first time, who would like a bit more information about our grants and how groups assess and process them. It may be that you haven’t been involved in grants within your group before, or that your group is thinking about offering grants for the first time.

The session will include a look at:

  • Health and Wellbeing Grants and Carers Grants – who can apply and what the grants include

  • Principles of good grant making, and what these mean for our processes

  • What your group needs to have in place to offer a grants service

  • The different stages of processing a grant – from enquiry, to assessment, to paying grants and record keeping

  • What guidance and resources are available to help, and where to find them