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Teamspirit 219 - July 2018 (PDF) Our bi-monthly publication for group coordinating teams. PDF version.
Group Handbook Appendix 5: Code of Fundraising Practice in summary An overview of the Code as it applies to our volunteer-led groups.
MS: Enough petition A printable version of our MS: Enough petition asking the Government to make the welfare system make sense for people with MS. Take it along to your branch meeting or a local community event and... Campaigning Everyone
Portal - Data cleaning checklist Our handy checklist of key things you can do to make sure your group’s information on the Portal is as up to date as possible, as well as details about how we can help.
Teamspirit 189 - June 2013 (PDF) Our bi-monthly magazine for branch officers and national support group committee members.
Frequently asked questions about completing an SLA
VERA: 912A - Events including low-level physical activity Complete this risk assessment if you are organising and managing an event involving low-level physical activity. Below is the wording you will need to provide in an accompanying email if you are...
TeamSpirit 222 - January 2019 (PDF) Our bi-monthly publication for Coordinating Teams. PDF version.
Teamspirit 212 - May 2017 Our bi-monthly newsletter for group coordinating teams. Word version for content to be added to group newsletters.
Teamspirit 205 - March 2016 Our bi-monthly magazine for branch officers and national support group committee members. PDF version.
VPRA: 102A - Fire safety (shops) Branches operating a shop must ensure this risk assessment is completed by an appropriate person (known as shop contact).
Step-by-step guide to restarting some fundraising activities through new Guidance or Risk Assessment documents
HSV: 132 - Property induction form Use this checklist when running through a property induction with a new volunteer.
Teamspirit 224 - May 2019 (PDF) Teamspirit 224 - May 2019
Agreeing the role A guide on leading initial conversations with potential volunteers, using our role description(s) to agree tasks and activities.
Teamspirit 207 - July 2016 Our bi-monthly magazine for group officers and national support group committee members. PDF version.
HSV: 960 - Event induction form (young people) Use this checklist to keep young people supporting your events safe.
VERA: 908A - Meetings in unmanaged venues Complete this document to run social events and meetings in an unmanaged venue, where no suitable managed venue is available. The additional PDF provides wording to use in an email if you're...
FA needs assessment - shops - July 2020 This outlines the changes to the shop first aid needs due to COVID-19
Teamspirit 226 - September 2019 - PDF This is the September issue of Teamspirit