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Campaign Organiser Volunteer Management Toolkit This resource is for Campaign Organisers. It will help you recruit and support local campaigners. It includes information on the MS Society volunteer journey and tools available to manage others.
Dignity policy guidance Guidance on implementing our Dignity policy.
MS surveys - poster and postcard resources
Applying for a Section 19 permit How to apply for a minibus Section 19 permit, which proves you are exempt from certain regulations and allows you to claim back fuel tax. You need one if you have a minibus with nine seats or more...
Teamspirit 228 - January 2020 - PDF
Template letters for community groups Letter templates to help you ask community groups for a donation or for volunteers.
Teamspirit 218 - May 2018 (PDF) Our bi-monthly publication for Coordinating Teams. PDF version.
Group Handbook B4: Managing your finances Your financial responsibilities, financial records and controls, raising, holding and using funds, banking and account administration, VAT and Gift Aid.
Welcome to the MS Society Welcome! This pack is for volunteers newly joining us. Find out who we are as an organisation, what we do and how we operate. And how to access the resources, training and support which are relevant...
HSV: 801 - Implementation process (services, socials, fundraising)
Teamspirit 187 - February 2013 (PDF) Our bi-monthly magazine for branch officers and national support group committee members.
Consent Form From time to time you may wish to publish personal information, such as in a newsletter or website article. By signing a consent form, a person gives their consent for information about themselves,...
HSV: 127 - Personal emergency evacuation plan questionnaire To be completed with any visitor who has a health condition or impairment that might affect their ability to evacuate the building safely.
MS Support monthly enquiry tally sheet Enquiry tally sheet for MS Support Volunteers
70 Years PowerPoint template A PowerPoint template to help you communicate/celebrate 70 years of the MS Society.
Health and Safety Policy 2023 - 2024 The MS Society health and safety policy ensures we fulfil legal requirements to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of all staff and volunteers, those using our services and anyone else...
HSV: 932 - Gathering outside Our guidance document, plus the wording you will need to provide in an accompanying email if you are unable to add an electronic signature to the document.
HSV: 013 - Log book system Use this form to record all journeys, vehicle safety checks and passenger lists.
Our Investing in Volunteers (IiV) journey - summary of findings
Teamspirit 213 - July 2017 Our bi-monthly newsletter for group coordinating teams. Word version for content to be added to group newsletters.