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Looking for a particular guide, form or template? You’ll find them in our resource library, where you can view or download hundreds of volunteer resources.

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Title Description Typesort ascending Topic Main audience
Group Handbook A6: Handling data Our personal data responsibilities, safe data storage and disposal, the rules for emails, using membership data, images and stories.
Fundraising Events Calendar 2023
Safeguarding adults policy and procedure (Northern Ireland) MS Society Safeguarding adults policy and procedure (Northern Ireland)
Group list for Volunteer Network Events To find the session which relates to your group, please see the list of group names here. Click on the session date to register to attend.
Template press release - new activity or service A template press release to help you promote your new activity or service.
MS Society email user guide Who needs to use MS Society email, why and when to use it, data protection, and how to make changes to your group of MS Society email users.
Group Handbook C4: Membership administration New members, membership renewals and using membership data.
Research Reporter Find out what's happening in the world of MS science - as compiled by our Research Team!
Volunteer Survey 2013 A summary of the main findings of the Volunteer Survey 2013.
Step-by-step guide to starting your 1-to-1 services through an SLA 
HSV: 921A - Supporter information This document can be used to provide information to all those volunteering at your events.
Safeguarding risk guidance: Day Centre Use this guidance document to help you plan and deliver services and activities that are safe for everyone who takes part.
Fundraising standards action plan We've created this resource for volunteers involved in fundraising to plan what they need to do in order to comply with fundraising standards.
Teamspirit 205 - March 2016 Our bi-monthly newsletter for branch officers and national support group committee volunteers.
Volunteers' Week 2024 resources Volunteers' Week resources to help you recognise one another and create lots of content using our new brand!
VPRA: 103A - Hazardous substances (shops) Branches operating a shop must ensure this risk assessment is completed by an appropriate person (known as shop contact).
Disclosure checks on Service Providers Use this flowchart to decide whether your Service Provider requires a Disclosure check, and whether the group is (with help from the Volunteer Support Team) responsible for organising this.
HSV: 126 - Fire evacuation drill record Use this form as a register in fire drills, or as a checklist to ensure people know the drill (a 'passive' drill).
Exhibition email to MPs Send this email to your local MP to invite them to our parliamentary exhibition
Recruitment guides- Outline Find out what's covered in our recruitment guides.