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The responsibilities of all our volunteers

As a volunteer, you’re a representative of the MS Society. This means you must meet our standards in order to ensure a safe and supportive environment for those with, or affected by, MS.

All volunteers must:

  • Keep to our code of conduct
  • Follow our brand guidelines
  • Not misuse the MS Society name, brand or charity number
  • Stay up-to-date with the MS Society’s position on current issues, such as new drug trials
  • Value and respect one another
  • Ensure nobody is harassed, bullied or victimised
  • Report unfair or offensive treatment
  • Not discriminate against anybody when providing services
  • Involve people affected by MS in decision-making and encourage them to play an active role in your group or branch
  1. Read our equal opportunities policy
  2. See our diversity position statement

Staying informed

To help you carry out your role effectively, you should have a good knowledge of:

  1. How multiple sclerosis (MS) affects people's lives
  2. What the MS Society does and how it’s run
  3. Together to beat MS: our strategy 2015-2019

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Volunteer basics