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Contactless Payment Device

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Contactless Payment Device

We know it’s something that you’ve been asking for, for your groups and we want to thank you for your patience whilst we looked into the various contactless payment devices on offer. We wanted to make sure that we offered a device that is easy for you to use, cost effective, and ensured that donations and supporting data are processed in a secure way.


We have chosen the solution offered by iZettle.

An email providing further information on this was sent to all MS Society group email accounts on 17 April, with a full step-by-step guide on how to sign your group up to receive an iZettle contactless payment machine.

By the end of May we already had 6 local groups who had signed up to receive an iZettle device and they have so far collected donations totalling £625.

If you want to sign up, have any further questions after reading the guidance or if you aren’t able to access the email sent to your group, please get in touch.

Contact the Finance Support team

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