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Developing a benefits advice partnership

Developing a partnership with an organisation that provides specialist advice is a good way to meet the need for local benefits support.

An advice partnership usually involves an MS Society group funding a worker to provide specialist advice for an agreed number of hours or days per week or month. This enables people affected by MS to access the support they need quickly and at a location that is accessible to them. A further benefit of providing a service in partnership is that the group can ensure that the advice service provider has an understanding of MS.

Advice partnership resources

We’ve developed a range of resources to support you to set up an advice partnership, including:

  • How to develop a benefits advice partnership
  • Benefits advice partnership presentation and accompanying notes
  • Monitoring spreadsheet
  1. Download our advice partnership resources

  2. Download our Service Level Agreement document

Need support?

Contact the Volunteer Support Team for support if your group is interested in developing an advice partnership.

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