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Local Networks Programme - the implementation plan

The Local Networks Programme will take three years to implement. We will support you through all the key changes, with staff expertise, new guidance, and increased opportunities to meet and network locally.


In 2016, we will introduce new tools to reduce MS Society group administration, and develop a simpler health and safety system for low risk activities. We will roll out a menu of free fundraising materials, and improve MS Society email functionality. The first Quality Standards will be available and we will encourage MS Society groups to tell us about the services and events they run.


In 2017, we will introduce our new MS Society group requirements, and remove the need for annual meetings. We will develop new volunteering roles, and better support for our volunteers through learning and development. We will roll out guidance and processes to make it easier to recruit volunteers.

We will also refresh MS Support so that this important service delivers even greater support to people affected by MS. We will improve our organisational resources for MS Support volunteers, and clarify the remit of this role.


As we approach 2018, we will move towards a prioritised set of services, with Quality Standards, risk management, and impact measurements specific to each. We will ensure MS Society groups have the resources to deliver excellent services and will involve you in the development of innovative new ways of working, if you wish.

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