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With MS Awareness Week coming up on 19 – 25 April, it’s been incredible to hear from our community about their experiences of talking about their condition with others.

For many people, opening up about their MS can be challenging, whether that is to a friend, family or employer. So, through our survey, we’ve been finding out how common it is to keep MS a secret, and what the barriers are to speaking out.

How we’ll be sharing these stories

During MS Awareness Week, we’ll be sharing our survey results alongside powerful personal stories with national and regional press.

There will be a variety of blogs on our website highlighting the diverse issues faced by the community when talking about MS – from opening up to an employer to telling a partner for the first time.

We’ll also be signposting people to a number of helpful resources, and will be using our social media channels to encourage people to speak out about their MS using the hashtag #LetsTalkMS.

How you can get involved

Why not use MS Awareness Week as an opportunity to write into your local newspaper about the amazing work that your local group is doing?

Newspapers have a page dedicated to letters from their readers about the issues that matter to them, so writing to your local paper’s Editor is a great way to spread the word about your group, and MS in general.

If you want to get in touch, please feel free to adapt the template ‘Letter to the Editor’ we’ve drafted. You can find a link to the template here. We advise you share this w/c 12 April so that it can appear during MS Awareness Week (sometimes journalists need a bit of time to get organised)!

You should be able to find the correct email address to send letters to in the ‘contact us’ section on the newspaper’s website. However, please do contact our press team [email protected] if you need any help.

And please do keep an eye on our social media and share any content on your own pages using the hashtag #LetsTalkMS.