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GoodBox contactless devices – the details

Earlier this month, we told you about selecting a new partner to supply us with contactless donation technology. If you missed this, you can read about it here.

We’re now pleased to invite you to begin setting up your accounts and ordering the devices.

Introducing the GBx Mini

We’ve agreed with GoodBox to use their GBx Mini device. This provides all the flexibility required by our groups for store/street collecting, or to have as an ongoing static collection in a trusted premises.

And we’ve arranged a special offer for the GBx Mini device, available only to MS Society groups.

This includes:

  • A GBx Mini (with MS Society branding) across a 24-month lease
  • A stand
  • A security lock for leaving the device unattended

What does it all cost?

  • The total cost (for each package of unit, stand, lock and 24-month lease) is £375
  • The unit and accessories require an upfront payment of £87
  • The lease can be paid either upfront (£288), annually (£144) or monthly (£12)

A spare battery (£15) can also be purchased for longer fundraising where there’s no mains supply.

As an added bonus, GoodBox will charge 0% transaction fees on all funds raised on MS Society units until 30 November 2021. After this, the transaction fee on each donation will be 2.5% + 10p.

Donations (a net lump sum, after transaction fees have been deducted) will be paid into your designated bank account on a weekly basis.

How do we sign up?

GoodBox have set up a special webpage for our groups. They just need a few details to get your order under way and set up your locally-managed account.

To order one or more devices, and set up your account, head to the webpage here.

Step 1 - Complete the unit order form

The pricing is clearly laid out so you know what you’re signing up for, with the total at the bottom. Please make sure you’ve completed all the contact information!

Step 2 - Set up your account with GoodBox so you can receive payments from your device

Your Finance Volunteer (or Group Coordinator as a second option) will need to complete a Merchant Application Form (MAF). Please read the paragraph at the bottom about providing a signed bank statement. GoodBox won’t be able to begin the necessary financial checks until they’ve received everything, and the process can take up to two weeks.

Once your order has been received and processed, GoodBox will be in touch to arrange delivery and instructions on how set up and use your GBx Mini.


If you have any questions about completing the forms, please contact the Volunteer Support Team on 0300 500 8084 (#3) or [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why change now, and why choose GoodBox?
A: Read about why we made the decision here.

Q: Can our group use a different GoodBox device?
A: The GBx Mini was identified as being the most cost-effective and flexible device for the different ways that our groups are likely to use them. If you need something different for a specific event then GoodBox can advise on what they can offer, but this wouldn’t be part of the package we have agreed with them.

Q: Can our group choose a different contactless donation supplier?
A: No. The tender process to choose a new supplier was extensive. We chose GoodBox because they provide a safe, secure and cost-effective way for our groups and donors to make contactless donations. Aside from existing iZettle devices already in use, GoodBox is our only contactless donation partner for groups at this time.

Q: Why are GoodBox so much more expensive than iZettle?
A: The iZettle and GBx Mini may look similar, but they operate very differently.

One of the biggest frustrations we’ve received from groups about iZettle is that it needs to be paired with a mobile phone, and can only take donations when there’s a signal. The GBx Mini operates on its own without the need for any other equipment. If it can’t connect to a WiFi network, or find a mobile signal, it will store any donations received securely until it can.

The GBx mini can also be set up with a default donation amount which can be quickly repeated without the need to re-enter it every time. So, once somebody has successfully made a donation, the GBx mini is ready to take the next one in seconds - ideal for those busy locations with poor mobile signals, such as supermarkets and railway stations!

Q: Do we have to change our iZettle to GoodBox?
A: No. If you already have a working iZettle which meets your needs, please do continue to use it. You can still order a GBx Mini if you feel that would be better for collections.

Q: Can we choose when to change?
A: Yes, the partnership with GoodBox is an ongoing one and the website to order devices will remain live.

Q: How do we email the signed order form/Merchant Application Form back to GoodBox if we can’t do electronic signatures?
A: For the order form, GoodBox can accept a name typed into the signature box. But the Merchant Application Form and bank statement do need to be properly signed. So you would need to print out, sign and then scan them to email back – or a clear picture taken on a mobile phone is also acceptable.

Q: What if we order one but then need more?
A: Simply go back to the website and complete a new order form. Once you’ve set your account up, you won’t need to complete a Merchant Application Form again.

Q: How do we turn the device on/set it up?
A: The user guide can be found here. And you can contact GoodBox for support by emailing [email protected] or calling 0808 196 1808.

Q: What should we use as our default donation amount?
A: It’s totally up to you and will depend on what you’re doing. £3 is the usual amount set by most charities for most collections. But, if you’re holding an event where donors are likely to be more generous, you could increase it.

Q: What happens if our GBx Mini stops working?
A: A quick reboot should usually reset things. But, if there is something more seriously wrong with the unit, you should contact GoodBox for help. As part of the lease, the GBx Mini devices are covered by a technical warranty – although the group would be liable for any accidental damage or loss.

Q: How much does it cost to replace a GBx Mini if broken, lost or stolen?
A: The group would be liable for the remaining cost of the lease. A replacement could then be taken out on a new lease.

Q: Is the device waterproof?
A: No! So, if you’re collecting outside in the rain, we recommend putting a clear plastic bag over it. It will still work!

Q: If we’re paying monthly or annually, can we cancel the lease early?
A: No. As part of the discounted rate, the lease agreement is for 24 months and therefore you would still need to pay the full amount.

Q: Can they be plugged into mains power?
A: Yes and we would recommend this if you have the unit on an ongoing static collection (eg in a shop).

Q: How long does the battery last?
A: Three hours. So, if you plan to use it somewhere without mains power, we recommend ordering a spare battery. They take about an hour to charge, using USB (so can be connected to a powerbank if a mains supply isn’t available).

Q: Some of our collectors may find it difficult to hold a device for long periods. Do they have a handle?
A: Yes, the stand has a handle built in.

You could also add a ‘Popsocket’ (a large button which can be stuck on the back of a mobile phone to make it more secure to hold) to the device, and then attach a lanyard to wear around the neck. Tapping a device at arm’s length to make a payment is very quick, so should not unduly compromise social distancing.

Q: Can we take chip and PIN payments on them?
A: Yes! The device can also be used to take larger or one-off donations using chip and PIN.

Q: What if we’re asked for a refund?
A: If a donor wishes to receive a refund, they’ll need to contact GoodBox directly to arrange this, by calling 0808 196 1808.

They’ll need to tell GoodBox:
- Name of group the donation was made to
- Date and approximate time of donation
- Donation amount
- Refund amount (if different from donation amount)
- Last four digits of the card used, or last 4 digits of device account number if they used a mobile device (not their phone number)
- Serial number of device (if known)

Q: Can we leave a GBx Mini somewhere without somebody looking after it?
A: Yes. We recommend you only leave them in a trusted premises (where you have permission), such as a local shop you have a relationship with, a workplace or reception desk. Please use the security lock provided.

As per any collection tin or bucket, please make sure you’ve taken a note of the serial number on the back of the device and have a clear record of where it’s been placed.

Q: Can thieves steal the device?
A: Yes, but there's little value other than the actual device itself. All donations are processed as soon as there’s a mobile signal or WiFi connection. When offline donations are stored, these are fully encrypted and so can’t be accessed.

Q: Can money be stolen from them?
A: No. All donations are encrypted and money can only be returned is to the original cardholder. In fact, the only thing a thief can use the device for is to make a donation!