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Restarting face-to-face services - latest update

As the Scottish, Northern Irish, Welsh and English governments plan to reduce or remove COVID-19 restrictions in the coming weeks, we’re continuing to review how we support groups to restart face-to-face services and activities, if they wish to.

Groups can already restart services via a SLA, socials and meetings in a managed venue, and fundraising, in line with government guidance. You can find information here on the processes and paperwork that need to be used, and details of how to join our Zoom support sessions.

We’re now updating our paperwork for restarting meetings in private homes and coach trips, and will be making this available in the next few weeks. We’re also reviewing our position on the use of unmanaged venues, and anticipate that this will be done by the end of August. Please look out for updates in this fortnightly email and on the Volunteer Website.

The coming weeks are likely to be challenging as government restrictions are reduced or removed amidst an increasing infection rate. We strongly advise that you continue to take the sensible precautions of socially distancing where you can. Use hand sanitizers and wear face coverings in indoor settings (where practicable to do so), even if these actions are not a legal requirement in your nation. 

If you want to know more about coronavirus risk, and its prevalence in your area, there’s information on our website here and data from the government here.

If you have any questions about restarting face-to-face activities, please contact the Volunteer Support Team at [email protected], or by calling 0300 500 8084 (option #3).