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Risk management update for groups – services and events

We always want to simplify our risk management paperwork where we can, and to explain processes clearly. So we’ve made a few changes and added some resources:

COVID-19 process updates

  • The COVID-19 guidance sheet HSV: 921b has now been withdrawn from our paperwork. Our guidance and risk assessment forms have all been updated accordingly.

  • If an attendee at one of your events contracts COVID-19 within 48 hours, you’re no longer required to report this to our Health & Safety Team via an incident form. We still request that you let the other attendees know.

Running a ‘taster’ session

If you’d like to try out a potential new service before entering into an SLA with the Provider, we’ve created a risk assessment document you can use to organise a ‘taster’ session. You can find this document here.

Starting a new service with a Service Level Agreement (SLA)

We no longer require someone from your Coordinating Team to attend one of our Zoom sessions on the process for starting services delivered by a professional through an SLA. A video detailing the steps you need to take is now available here for you to view instead (viewing time 3 minutes).

Other new resources

Whether you’re new to completing SLAs and adding them to the Portal, or would just like a refresher, we’ve created some videos to help. They can all be found here.