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Welcoming new volunteers

We’re always looking for new ways to improve the induction experience for new volunteers. First impressions are so important. We want new joiners to feel connected to the organisation from the start, clear about their roles and empowered to succeed.

As we dive into 2023, we hope this will be a year to attract many enthusiastic new volunteers. And we’ve made some changes to streamline and clarify the induction process for them.

New Welcome Pack

In consultation with volunteers, we’ve developed a new Welcome Pack. This will provide a warm welcome to anyone who’s starting their volunteering adventure with us. It introduces who we are as an organisation, our values, how we work, and the opportunities open to our volunteers. And it explains the promises we make to our volunteers, in return for their equal commitment.

A key section is the new integrated Induction Checklist. This lists all the policies and procedures which new volunteers should familiarise themselves with, and where to access the detailed information.

All volunteers starting with the MS Society will receive a link to the new Welcome Pack in their Welcome Email. You can find the new Welcome Pack here.

Updated role descriptions

We’re also updating our role descriptions to include any mandatory training (eg GDPR) required for each role. Volunteers must complete this training before starting their roles, and then ensure they stay up to date by taking any further refresher courses. There’s also information about any in-role training, which volunteers will receive once they’ve started.

The role descriptions now contain information about Sources of Support for each role, so new volunteers know who to turn to with any questions or concerns. Ongoing help and support is available from their support contact (for non-group volunteers), or the Volunteer Support Team (for group volunteers).

You can find all our role descriptions here.

Let us know what you think

We hope you’ll appreciate this more streamlined way of inducting new volunteers. Do send your thoughts to [email protected].