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Our volunteer roles

Every day, people like you make a huge difference to people with MS. Our volunteers support us in all areas of our work. You may find yourself campaigning and standing up for the rights of everyone affected by MS, supporting your local group to support the local MS community, or helping to shape the work that we do. There are a range of opportunities available so we can work together to support everyone in the MS community.

Our role descriptions page contains information about these varied roles and outlines what you can expect from your welcome and induction with us.

Role descriptions

Each role description includes:
- Why we need you
- What the role involves
- Skills, experience and abilities you need to have
- Training that we’ll give you
- Sources of support
- Our shared commitments

  1. Find your role description here

Sources of support

While you’re volunteering with us, we’re keen to provide the support you need to feel comfortable and confident in your role. Your volunteer point of contact will be your first point of call for any questions.

  • If you’re in a group this will be either your Group Coordinator or a Coordinating Team member.

If your Group Coordinator is unavailable or unable to help you, the Volunteer Support Team also provides support to local groups: [email protected]

  • If you’re a volunteer outside of a local group, this will be a staff member.

If you're unsure who this staff member is, the Supporter Care Team can signpost you to the right person: [email protected]

Welcome and Induction

We want new volunteers to feel connected to the organisation from the start, clear about their roles, and informed about where to get the guidance they need to succeed.

Our Welcome Pack provides a warm welcome to anyone who’s starting their volunteering journey with us. It introduces who we are as an organisation, our values, how we work, and the opportunities open to our volunteers. And it explains the promise we make to our volunteers, in return for their time and commitment.

At the back of the Welcome Pack is the Induction Checklist. This lists all the policies and procedures which new volunteers should familiarise themselves with, and where to access volunteering information.

All new volunteers get a link to our Welcome Pack in their welcome email. You can also download the Welcome Pack here.

Mandatory training

If there's mandatory training that you’ll need to do before starting your role, you’ll get an email from us with all the details.

Role-specific training

Your volunteer point of contact (see Sources of Support, above) will take you through any role-specific training that you’ll need when you start your role.

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