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MS Society Designs is back with a new look!

In May, we let you know we were making some changes and improvements to our MS Society Designs service. We’re pleased to let you know we’ve now launched the updates and it’s all systems go!

MS Society Designs is a free service for local groups to create bespoke branded materials, so together we can build awareness of the MS Society. And promote the fantastic things you do to support the MS community in your area.

A huge thank you to the users of MS Society Designs who provided feedback that helped us shape the changes.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, here’s what’s changed:

  1. Our templates have a new look! We’ve updated our MS Society Designs templates to fit our new, vibrant MS Society brand, which has been specially designed to be more accessible. Templates include MS Society group logos, ID cards/lanyards, A4 posters, newsletters, certificates, and more!

  2. We have a new MS Society Designs User Guide. It tells you what’s available to order, how to place an order and answers your FAQs. It also includes lots of examples of our new templates for inspiration. 

  3. We’ve updated the Order Form with added instructions to make it even easier to follow.

  4. We’ve simplified the order process. This includes: 

  • Simplifying our newsletter: you no longer need to select the number of pages or the layouts for your newsletter. Simply fill out a Word Content Form with your desired content and our graphic designer will choose the best layout, making it fuss free for you!   

  • Fewer forms to upload: we’ve reduced the number of items that require a separate Word Content Form. You now only need to complete a Word Content Form if you're ordering a newsletter, poster, flyer or leaflet.  

  • New roller banner: roller banners (pull-up banners) are great for building awareness of the MS Society and your group at events. We recommend keeping roller banners general, so they’re suitable for any occasion. If you’re not sure what to say, you can now order a banner with generic MS Society messaging.

  • New photos to choose from: the MS Society Designs Order Form now includes a fresh selection of photos for you to choose from.

  • New local group logos: our new MS Society brand comes with an updated MS Society logo. Your local group’s logos are now available to order through MS Society Designs. Order yours today!

The changes have been live for a couple of weeks now. We’ve had some great feedback from those of you who have placed an order so far. We hope you’re enjoying your new logos and the new look!

To start using the MS Society Designs service today:

1) Visit the MS Society Designs page to see all the latest information.

2) Read the new MS Society Designs User Guide to see what’s available and explore the new templates, Word Content Form and the order process. 

3) Order your new group logo! Order your brand-new MS Society group logo using the new MS Society Designs Order Form. Please read page seven of the Designs User Guide for more information and links to the new MS Society logos.

We hope you enjoy the new changes! However, if you have any issues using the service, or you’d like some extra guidance or information, please email the MS Society Designs Team at [email protected]