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The 2024 General Election - Campaigning toolkit for local groups

The UK General Election is on Thursday 4 July 2024. It’s an opportunity for us to campaign on the issues that matter most to people living with MS. And to engage with candidates across all political parties. We’re asking all our volunteers and local groups to make sure every candidate knows how they can speak up for MS, if they’re elected.

Why we want you to help

Every single voice counts. If you engage your local candidates with our MS Manifesto you can ensure that the needs of the MS community are heard. Local groups play a key role in their local community and candidates are keen to understand what matters most to voters, so they'll will want to hear what you have to say.

How your group can get involved

Here are some things you could do, differing in size and time involvement:

  1. Invite all your local candidates to a group meeting or activity

A great way to engage candidates is to invite them along to one of your usual activities, so they can see the amazing support you deliver in your community.

Remember that the MS Society has to remain neutral and abide by the rules of the Lobbying Act.

  1. Discuss the election in your next get-together and make sure everybody knows the different ways they can cast their vote

Elections can be exciting but often confusing. Sometimes a discussion with a cup of tea is what's needed.

Discussion points could include:
- Voter registration, voter ID and accessible voting
- The MS Manifesto
- Asking attendees to sign our open letter to the next Prime Minister

  1. Send a letter to each candidate on behalf of the group

  2. Send an email to each candidate on behalf of the local group

You can use our easy online tool to email your local candidates.

Keeping in touch

Please tell us if you were able to take action, by emailing [email protected] and [email protected] with the date of your event, and how it went.

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