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Getting our voice heard in the UK General Election

The UK General Election is on Thursday 4 July. It’s an important opportunity to get our voice heard, and to make sure MS is on the agenda of every candidate.

If you’re planning any campaigning during this election period, do remember that the Lobbying Act sets rules around what charities can and can’t do. The MS Society is always politically neutral. But we need to take particular care during this time to ensure that any involvement we have with political parties is balanced.

You can find more important information on the Lobbying Act here.

Here are a few ways to speak up for MS:

  • Tell the next Prime Minister people with MS deserve better:

Over 6,000 of us have signed our open letter to the next Prime Minister! Together, we'll send a clear message to the next government to make sure MS is on the agenda. Will you add your voice?

Sign the open letter to the next Prime Minister.

  • Email your next MP

We want to make sure every candidate who wants our vote knows what matters most to us.

People living with MS deserve better. We’re asking every candidate to speak up for MS and support crucial changes to healthcare and benefits.

Will you ask your local candidates to speak up for MS?

You can email your local candidates using our online tool.

  • Invite your local candidates to a meeting

If you're in one of our local groups, you could invite the candidates in your area to one of the meetings you run.

We’ve put together a toolkit on how to invite your candidates, and other things you can do with your local group to get involved with the election.

Find the toolkit here.

  • Speak to candidates

You also might meet your local candidates on the street, or knocking at your door. To help, we’ve put together some top tips to speak with them and get MS on their agenda.

Find our guide to speaking to candidates here.