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Supporting our volunteers

We want all volunteers to have an excellent experience; from when we recruit you, through supporting you to develop skills and experience, to recognising your achievements.

See Group Handbook C1: Volunteering with us

We’re here to welcome you and ensure you have everything you need to get started. We’ll give you regular opportunities to develop your skills, and introduce you to our range of online tools and written resources. And we’ll always make sure you know who to ask for help.

  1. Welcome to the MS Society
  2. Learning, tools and resources
  3. Teams who support you
  4. Contact with other volunteers
  5. Teamspirit and eBulletins
  6. Claiming expenses
  7. Dealing with concerns

Welcome to the MS Society

We want all volunteers who are new to a role to know what to do and who can help, right from the start. We have a range of induction activities to help you settle into your new role.

  1. See your role specific welcome and induction programme

Learning, tools and resources

Whatever goals you’re helping us meet, we’re here to support your volunteer journey with regular learning opportunities, clear guidance and practical resources.

  1. Find out more about our learning, tools and resources

Teams who support you

Our staff teams are here to support you to be safe, effective and successful in your role. Find out who to contact about the matters that concern you as you volunteer with us.

  1. Get details of the teams who support you

Contact with other volunteers

We know how important it is to share ideas, successes and challenges with others who volunteer in the same role as you, or who offer services in a neighbouring area.

  1. Learn about our opportunities to keep in contact with other volunteers

Teamspirit and eBulletins

Email has become an important way to share information throughout our organisation, and you’ve told us that you prefer to receive updates this way.

We email Teamspirit to Coordinating Teams, and other eBulletins to volunteers in specific roles, and to local groups in neighbouring areas.

  1. Find out more about Teamspirit and eBulletins

Claiming expenses

We pay all reasonable out of pocket expenses that you may incur whilst volunteering with us. In order to claim your expenses, you’ll need to complete an expenses claim form, attach the receipts and give it to a member of your Coordinating Team. If you’re not part of a group, this will be your staff contact.

  1. Learn how to claim expenses

Dealing with problems

From time to time, problems arise. Learn about our process for dealing with concerns, and who can help you.

  1. Find out how we deal with problems
  2. Raise a concern about Coordinating Team decision making

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