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Contact with other volunteers

We know how important it is to share ideas, successes and challenges with others who volunteer in the same role as you, or who offer services in a neighbouring area.

See Group Handbook C1: Volunteering with us


Twice a year, we organise a series of volunteer forums throughout the UK. We encourage volunteers from all groups to attend our local forums.

Group volunteer forums

If you volunteer in a local group, your Local Networks Officer will organise opportunities for you to come together with other groups and volunteers. These meetings help you keep up to date with what’s happening in your area and the wider MS Society.

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MS Support forums

We organise dedicated MS Support forums throughout the UK for Lead Support Volunteers and Support Volunteers to come together, share ideas and support each other.

We also use forums to share updates and consult you on MS Support matters to inform our future work.

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Telephone forums

Sometimes it’s easier to get everyone together by phone, rather than in person. We use ‘conference calls’ to help volunteers to support each other, without them having to leave the house.

Helpline Volunteer Support Sessions

Our MS Helpline offers emotional support and information to anyone affected by MS in the UK. Every two months, our MS Helpline Volunteers come together by phone to talk confidentially about the role, raise any concerns, and share experiences with others who offer a similar service.

MS Support telephone sessions

Our Support and Wellbeing Team helps you to maintain a network of contacts through quarterly group telephone sessions with other Lead Support Volunteers and Support Volunteers from nearby groups.

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