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Learning, tools and resources

Whatever goals you’re helping us meet, we’re here to support your volunteer journey with regular learning opportunities, clear guidance and practical resources.

See Group Handbook C1: Volunteering with us

Learning with us

We want you to develop your knowledge and skills throughout your time with us - from ‘must do’ training before you start, to ongoing learning specific to your role or project.

  1. Find out more about Learning with us

Our online tools

Whether it’s reporting on your accounts, designing branded leaflets and posters, working with membership data, ordering fundraising materials or sending professional looking emails, our online tools have got you covered.

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Key written resources

Throughout the volunteer website, you’ll find links to our written resources – the policies, handbooks and guidance that support you to be safe, effective and successful in your role.

We’ve put together a list of our key written resources to help you find what you’re looking for.

  1. See our list of Key written resources

IT support

We rely on information technology (IT) more and more - to keep in touch and support others, share news, find information on the Internet, promote our services, and attract new members.

We’ve put together a directory of local IT training, online tutorials and answers to our most frequently asked IT questions.

  1. Learn how to access IT support

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