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Learning with us

We want to give you opportunities to develop your knowledge and skills throughout your time with us - from ‘must do’ training before you start, to ongoing learning specific to your role or project.

See Group Handbook C1: Volunteering with us

Role specific learning

Role specific learning can include online tutorials, support and wellbeing calls, and events you are invited to attend in person. Your role page includes information about role specific learning and we will tell you when new opportunities become available.

Your role page

Your role page includes:

  • Role description, including a list of tasks
  • Welcome and induction checklist
  • Links to key resources
  • Role specific learning opportunities
  1. See our A-Z list of volunteer roles

’Must do’ learning

Some of our volunteer roles and tasks involve ‘must do’ learning before you start. This includes data protection online learning which you must complete before you can access personal data on our Portal.

‘Must do’ learning can also be face to face, like our Support Volunteer Training for Lead Support Volunteers and Support Volunteers.

The person who recruits you will tell you about any ‘must do’ learning you need to complete.

We reserve the right to terminate an individual volunteering relationship if a volunteer fails to complete mandatory training.

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