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Key written resources

Throughout the volunteer website, you’ll find links to our written resources – the policies, handbooks and guidance that support you to be safe, effective and successful in your role.

See Group Handbook A2: Requirements, support, tools and resources

Representing the MS Society

Whenever you take part in activities on behalf of the MS Society, you represent our goals, values and standards. Our Strategy and Code of Conduct show you what we’re working towards and how we work together.

  1. Download Together to beat MS: Our strategy 2015 to 2019
  2. Familiarise yourself with our Code of Conduct

MS Society policies and key documents

Our policies and documents are official papers that support the way we work, set out our legal identity and report on our achievements. You may be asked to provide these documents when applying for funding or working in partnership with other organisations.

  1. See our Policies and documents

Group Handbook

If you volunteer in a local group, our Group Handbook is your key written resource. It includes sections on all group requirements and links to the tools and guidance that will help you meet them.

  1. Go to our Group Handbook

Our brand guidelines

Our brand is how we're seen by everyone - volunteers, people affected by MS and members of the public. It’s made up of the way we look, the way we communicate and the way we behave as an organisation.

  1. Read our Brand guidelines

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