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Titlesort descending Description Type Topic Main audience
HSV: 127 - Personal emergency evacuation plan questionnaire To be completed with any visitor who has a health condition or impairment that might affect their ability to evacuate the building safely.
HSV: 127A - Personal emergency evacuation plan
HSV: 128 - MS Society building contact summary sheet This summary sheet must be completed for each MS Society building.
HSV: 132 - Property induction - COVID additions During the pandemic special requirements must be met, these are outlined in the COVID addition to the property induction
HSV: 132 - Property induction form Use this checklist when running through a property induction with a new volunteer.
HSV: 132 - Property induction form - garage All those using the garage or storage space must complete the induction below
HSV: 132 - Property induction form - portable appliance tester The competent portable appliance tester is responsible for agreeing a process with the shop manager and then ensuring it is in place. All the elements of this form will be checked as part of the... Form Health and safety Everyone
HSV: 132A - Young person induction Designed for young people completing a short term volunteer or work placement. Document Health and safety Transport officer, Volunteer coordinator
HSV: 132B - Property induction form - vulnerable adults Use this checklist when carrying out a volunteer induction with a vulnerable adult
HSV: 132C - Property induction form - pregnant wokers Use this checklist when running through a volunteer induction with an pregnant volunteer
HSV: 132D - Property induction form - contractor Use this checklist when running through an induction with a contractor working at an MS Society property.
HSV: 132WB - Property induction workbook This booklet forms part of your induction if your branch has a property.
HSV: 141 - Manual handling risk assessment Use this risk assessment to identify the manual handling a volunteer undertakes and any action needed.
HSV: 142 - Seating and posture for workstations Discover how to sit at a computer to avoid strain or injury, plus risks to watch out for when using a screen.
HSV: 145 - Safe sorting guide poster Display this in your shop to show volunteers how to stay safe when sorting donations - includes the best sorting method to use.
HSV: 146 - Safe lifting and carrying poster Display this in MS Society property to show volunteers how to lift boxes and heavy loads without getting injured.
HSV: 148 - Your Safety Matters poster Display this poster in MS Society property so that volunteers know how to stay safe.
HSV: 150 - Disclaimer for selling electrical products that have been portable appliance tested This disclaimer is to be displayed above the counter and all customers should be asked to read it when they buy an electrical product. This way they know the product is safe and cannot return and say...
HSV: 741 - Fitness disclaimer form Make sure everyone taking part in exercise or therapy sessions, or those using your equipment, fills one of these in to protect you from liability.
HSV: 742 - PARQ (Physical activity readiness questionnaire) Before someone takes part in exercise activities, they should fill this out to check if they need to see a doctor first.