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MS Society owned vehicles - risk assessments

Our transport risk management system ensures that you can provide a safe and legal service for volunteers, members and visitors using your vehicle. MS Society owned vehicles include minibuses, vans and wheelchair carrying vehicles.


These documents will give you the background to our transport risk management system.

  1. HSV: 000 - Volunteer responsibilities
  2. VTRA: 001 - Transport risk assessment (general)

Specific risk assessments

Complete the relevant risk assessments for each MS Society owned vehicle.

  1. VTRA: 001A - MS Society owned vehicle
  2. VTRA: 005A - Lending MS Society owned vehicles
  3. VTRA: 007A - Driving the vehicle
  4. VTRA: 011A - Manoeuvring seats
  5. VTRA: 012A - Refuelling

Emergency forms and information

Ensure you have copies of your insurance documents (transport is not covered by our central insurance) and familiarise yourself with our accident and incident recording and reporting processes, and emergency procedures.

  1. HSV: 021 - VEPC (Vehicle emergency procedure card)
  2. HSV: 122 - Accident report form
  3. HSV: 123 - Incident report form


The risk assessment includes checklists - you can download them here.

  1. HSV: 013 - Log book system
  2. HSV: 014 - Monthly checklist
  3. HSV: 015 - Transport defect report form
  4. HSV: 032 - Driver induction
  5. HSV: 910 - Information poster
  6. HSV: 921A - Supporter information


The risk assessments also make reference to a range of guidance documents.

  1. HSV: 011 - Driver flowchart
  2. HSV: 012 - Insurance letter
  3. HSV: 033 - MiDAS driving standards
  4. HSV: 040 - Legionnaire’s and transport
  5. HSV: 041 - Wheelchair lap belts and restraint systems

Need support?

Contact your Local Networks Officer in the first instance.

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