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Portable Appliance Testing

For those shops that wish to sell electrical items they must be portable appliance tested by a competent person. The MS Society system allows for a member of the shop team to become the portable appliance tester who by completing the documents below can ensure all electrical items that are sold are safe.

The documents that need to be completed are:

  1. HSV: 132 - Property induction form - PAT testing
  2. HSV: 116A - Portable appliance passed
  3. HSV: 116B - Portable appliance failed
  4. HSV: 150 - Disclaimer for selling products

Which items can be sold?

Items that the shop are able to sell are: CD/Radios, Coffee machines, DVD players, Fans, Game consoles, Hairdryers, Hair straighteners, Irons, Kettles, Lamps, Small televisions, Toasters, ,

Items the shop is NOT able to sell are: Computers/ Laptops, Electric blankets, Electric fires, Electric knives, Electric showers, Electric wheel chairs, Large white goods – cookers/fridge freezers, Microwaves, Personal hygiene items such as shavers and foot spas, Power tools, Sandwich makers, Tanning equipment, Telephones, Waste disposal units,

Most small appliances can be sold, if unsure, please contact your Shop Manager or Retail Manager.

Training and equipment

Portable appliance tester training can be sourced from the following Charity retail recognised suppliers:

  1. For free online portable appliance testing course
  2. For a complete package

Portable appliance testers can be bought from the following Charity retail recognised supplier:

  1. First stop

Need support?

Contact your Shop Manager or Retail Manager if you have any queries

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