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Email support for Newly Diagnosed

Email support service for Newly Diagnosed

We know that being diagnosed with MS can feel overwhelming, but we have a whole community of people here to help. We’ve recently launched a new email service which provides support and information for anyone who has been newly diagnosed.

By talking to people with MS we have brought together information and advice on what was important to them when they were newly diagnosed. Our new email service can help people learn about MS and how MS affects each person differently. There is also support and information about managing the symptoms, so each individual can learn ways to help them to live well with MS.

Tips from our community

Our MS community often tell us that it’s hard to tell people that you have MS and that receiving a diagnosis can also have an impact on relationships. So we’ve asked for tips on how to tell family and friends or work colleagues.

People who have been newly diagnosed will be sent a series of emails, once a month to help them make sense of their diagnosis. This email journey will tell them about all the support and information we provide including our online community and how to get in touch with a local group.

Signing Up

To sign up for this service, all someone needs to do is visit our newly diagnosed webpage here:

Contact the Resources team

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