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Local Networks Programme Guide

The Local Networks Programme Guide is for volunteers who deliver information and services to people affected by MS through our network of MS Society groups across the UK.

The purpose of the guide is to support you through the implementation of the Local Networks Programme. It will be updated regularly and will grow over the next three years, as the various proposals are implemented.

You can download the whole Local Networks Programme Guide or individual sections. This version of the Local Networks Programme Guide will always be current - we'll tell you in Teamspirit when we've made any changes.

Introduction and contents

  1. Introduction and contents

Part A - The Local Networks Programme

  1. The Local Networks Programme

Part B - Simplifying group structures

  1. MS Society group requirements
  2. Recruiting and supporting local volunteers

Part C - Improving processes

  1. Supporter Care Team
  2. Portal
  3. MS Society Designs
  4. MS Society email
  5. Online accounting

Part D - Supporting income generation

  1. Free fundraising materials

Part E - Measuring and improving local networks

  1. Clinical services and complementary therapies
  2. Quality Standards


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  2. Sources of support

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