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MS - The Research story

MS research goes to Parliament

Last month we went to Westminster with an exhibition about MS research for MPs and peers - Multiple Sclerosis – the Research Story.

The exhibition was a fantastic way to raise awareness of the exciting potential of new MS research and to share people’s stories of what it is like to live with MS. Politicians from across the UK came to visit the exhibition which was made up of stories from people with MS and scientists about their hopes for the future of research. It also featured objects which the people with MS and researchers featured in the exhibition had chosen to represent ‘what MS means for them’.

'What MS means to me'

These featured objects ranged from clothing and jewellery to a walking stick and even a scrabble board. One of our case studies, Kirsty, who is an artist from Scotland, sent a silk scarf printed with a design she created from her MRI scans (pictured above being displayed by Kirsty's brother Ross, his partner Sophie and MP Chris Law.)

The exhibition showed MPs how everybody’s MS is different and that new research could have a really exciting effect for our community. Decades of research have got us to a critical point in research and we want everyone to know how we’re going to stop MS. As you know, we’re launching The Stop MS Appeal shortly which aims to raise £100 million to fund ground-breaking research, so we can find treatments for everyone living with MS.

Stop MS Appeal

The Appeal will be launching publicly in October with a big advertising campaign and there’s all sorts of ways to play a part in raising the £100 million together to stop MS. These range from hosting a Cake Break or a sponsored My MS Walk, to taking a big leap by doing a sponsored sky dive.

But this is just a starting point! If we’re going to raise the £100m, we’ll need as many different and innovative ideas as possible.

More information and ideas for getting involved are on the volunteer website here:

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