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Tell us what your doctor is saying about cannabis

On 1 November 2018, cannabis for medicinal use was legalised.

This is an important milestone for people with MS, and over a thousand of our supporters made it happen, by calling on the Government for change.

But, while the change in law means specialists can now prescribe cannabis for medicinal use, we’re concerned that the temporary guidance will discourage specialists from prescribing it at all.

We’re asking for the temporary guidance to be urgently reviewed so that access to medicinal cannabis isn’t so restricted. We’ll also be doing all we can to make sure the longer term guidelines – due in October 2019 – work for people with MS. We need your help to do this effectively.

If you’re speaking to your GP or neurologist about medicinal cannabis then you could help us understand what the new law means for people living with MS.

Please tell us about your experiences to help us understand how this change is working in practice.

Contact the campaigns team about your experience

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