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Starting or restarting services, social activities and fundraising

June 2022 update:

Our living-with-COVID guidance for running face-to-face services and activities currently follows advice from public health government agencies and the Health and Safety Executive.

An event can only go ahead once you’ve completed the relevant risk management process and documentation. It should also be run in accordance with MS Society guidelines, which are now as follows: 

  • The venue should be well ventilated 

  • We encourage attendees at events to continue to wear masks when moving around, unless a medical condition prevents this 

  • Hand sanitiser should be made available 

  • Where possible, a lateral flow test should be taken in advance of attending any event 

  • Anybody feeling unwell should not attend an event

Remember that people have different approaches to risk, so attendees should be informed in advance about any COVID safety measures that have been put in place for any event you're running. They can then make an informed decision about whether or not they want to attend the event. 

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Starting or restarting services delivered by a professional through a Service Level Agreement (SLA)

  • One-to-one services (such as individual podiatry or physiotherapy sessions, or financial advice from a CAB partner)
  • Services for more than one person (such as group exercise classes)

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Starting or restarting group social activities and meetings

  • Socials and meetings in managed venues
  • Socials and meetings outdoors
  • Events run by a professional organisation (such as a canal boat trip)
  • Coach trips
  • Meetings in private homes
  • Socials and meetings in unmanaged venues (where no suitable managed venue is available)
  • Group parties or socials with third party involvement (entertainers)

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Starting or restarting fundraising activities

  • Store collections
  • Having a stall or cheering point at organised events
  • Street collections
  • Organising low-level physical events (such as wheel and walks)

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