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Restarting face-to-face services, social activities and fundraising

3 December 2021 update:

We know how unsettling the latest news about the new Omicron COVID-19 variant is. Our guidance for running face-to-face services currently remains unchanged. But we may need to amend our approach at short notice, according to scientific and Government guidance.

If you’re planning an event, please check this page regularly, and follow our processes in order to minimise risk to volunteers and attendees at MS Society events.

Please also remember that people have different approaches to risk, so it’s important to inform event attendees about the measures being taken to safeguard them. They can then make informed decisions about whether to attend or not.

If you’re planning an End-of-Year event involving a third-party entertainer (such as a DJ), we now have a new Risk Assessment form (see below) which you should use for this.

Since April, we've been taking a staggered approach to supporting our groups to restart face-to-face services, social activities, and (most recently) fundraising. We’ve updated our risk-management systems and paperwork to allow this to happen in a COVID-safe way, in line with governmental guidance.

  • All plans and dates remain subject to change depending on governmental announcements.
  • All permitted activity is subject to COVID/number restrictions in each nation/area.

Click here to see our answers to frequently asked questions about restarting face-to-face services, social activities and fundraising (last update - 19 November).

Restarting services delivered by a professional through a Service Level Agreement (SLA)

  • One-to-one services (such as individual podiatry or physiotherapy sessions, or financial advice from a CAB partner)
  • Services for more than one person (such as group exercise classes)

Click here to find out what you need to do to restart a service.

Restarting group social activities and meetings

  • Socials and meetings in managed venues
  • Socials and meetings outdoors
  • Events run by a professional organisation (such as a canal boat trip)
  • Coach trips
  • Meetings in private homes
  • Socials and meetings in unmanaged venues (where no suitable managed venue is available)
  • Group parties or socials with third party involvement (entertainers)

Click here to find out what you need to do to restart a social activity or meeting.

Restarting fundraising activities

  • Store collections
  • Having a stall or cheering point at organised events
  • Street collections
  • Organising low-level physical events (such as wheel and walks)

Click here to find out what you need to do to restart fundraising activities.