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What is MS Support?

In this online presentation, find out what you’ll be offering with our MS Support Service, and the tools and support available to run your service. View it in full screen and in Google Chrome for the best experience. Instructions on how to use this presentation are also available.

If you prefer to read this presentation offline, a distance learning pack is available.

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You can request a printed copy of this pack from [email protected]

With the right support and understanding, people with MS can live independent lives and take advantage of the same opportunities as everyone else.

See Group Handbook D1: Offering MS Support

MS Support is a key service delivered locally by our groups to help people affected by MS to access support when they want it, to make informed choices that meet their needs.

We want MS Support to be available to everyone who needs it, wherever they are in the UK. By offering an MS Support service, your group will help us meet this goal.

Our MS Support priorities

We have identified four priorities we want all local MS Support services to meet. See an overview of what we want Your MS Support service to provide, or click on the individual links below:

  1. Offering emotional support
  2. Giving information
  3. Signposting to specialist advice
  4. Help to access financial support

Need support?

You support people affected by MS, but who supports you?

We do - with practical, emotional and peer support options, access to our specialist signposting database, regular knowledge updates and key MS Support resources.

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