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Offering MS Support

We know that having access to a locally delivered MS Support service has a positive impact on people affected by MS.

See Group Handbook D1: Offering MS Support

If your group handles money and provides services and activities, you may decide to offer MS Support as an optional additional service.

  1. What is MS Support?
  2. Setting up your MS Support service
  3. Induction and Support Volunteer Training
  4. Keeping everyone safe
  5. Support for your team

What is MS Support?

We have worked with our volunteers, people who live with MS and those who care about them to understand local need and develop our MS Support priorities.

  1. See how we define MS Support


Setting up your MS Support service

We understand what’s needed locally before setting up services and recruiting the volunteers who will provide them.

  1. What to think about when Setting up your MS Support service


Induction and Support Volunteer Training

We need to ensure our groups are able to offer MS Support services that are safe, accessible and impactful.

We do this by providing all Lead Support Volunteers and Support Volunteers with a thorough induction programme and mandatory Support Volunteer Training.

  1. See an overview of our Induction and Support Volunteer Training


Keeping everyone safe

We are all responsible for keeping ourselves and the people who use our services safe. Find out more about disclosure checks, lone volunteering, reporting safeguarding concerns, handling personal data and holding the boundaries of your volunteer role.

  1. Go to our guidance on Keeping everyone safe


Support for your team

You support people affected by MS, but who supports you?

We do - with practical, emotional and peer support options, access to our specialist signposting database, regular knowledge updates and key MS Support resources.

  1. Find out how we Support your team


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