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Your MS Support service

We want MS Support to be available to everyone who needs it, wherever they are in the UK. By offering an MS Support service, your group will help us meet this goal.

See Group Handbook D1: Offering MS Support

We have identified four priorities we want all local MS Support services to meet:

  1. Offering emotional support
  2. Giving information
  3. Signposting to specialist advice
  4. Help to access financial support

We also want you to Promote your service and keep us informed.

Emotional support

Emotional support means offering a listening ear and empathy in response to feelings expressed by a person affected by MS.

Emotional support may be offered by phone or email, at a group event, or face to face.

  1. Find out more about Offering emotional support


MS Support and information giving

We expect all groups that handle money and provide services and activities to ensure that information about MS and MS Society services and activities is available to everyone in your community.

Having an MS Support service enables your group to offer enhanced information giving through your trained Support Volunteers.

  1. Learn about MS Support and information giving


Signposting to specialist advice

We don’t expect your MS Support service to offer specialist advice and you must not do so on our behalf. If a person needs specialist advice, we want you to use your training and resources to signpost to a suitable service provider.

  1. See our guidance on Signposting to specialist advice


Help to access financial support

People with MS may have additional needs as a result of their MS, and may need financial support to meet them. We help people to access this support in a number of ways.

  1. Learn about how our MS Support services Help to access financial support


Promoting your service and keeping us informed

When you promote your MS Support service, more people affected by MS will know we are here for them. And keeping us informed about how you’re doing helps us all to learn from our successes and challenges.

  1. Find out about Promoting your service and keeping us informed


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