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Raising awareness

Our fundraising, campaigning and communication volunteers deliver impact by raising awareness about MS and the MS Society.

We've put together some resources to support you to get loud about MS.

Representing the MS Society

Whenever you take part in activities on behalf of the MS Society, you represent our goals, values and standards.

  1. Find out more about representing the MS Society

Press and publicity advice

Information on different ways to publicise your activities, a range of press release templates and what to do when the press contacts you.

  1. See our press and publicity advice

Using our brand

Our brand is made up of the way we look, the way we communicate and the way we behave as an organisation.

  1. See our brand guidelines and resources

Organise an event

Whether it's a fundraising, campaigning or information event, we've got the tools you need to put on a great MS Society event.

  1. Explore our resources for planning and running an event

Online promotion

Social media and our website are effective ways to raise awareness of MS and the MS Society.

  1. Find out more about online promotion

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