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Representing the MS Society

Whenever you take part in activities on behalf of the MS Society, you represent our goals, values and standards.

Our goals

Our strategy comprises seven long-term organisational goals that guide all of our work, including our national and local fundraising, campaigning and awareness raising activities. These goals reflect the hopes and aspirations of people affected by MS:

  • Goal 1: Effective treatments
  • Goal 2: Responsive care and support
  • Goal 3: Preventing MS
  • Goal 4: Quality information
  • Goal 5: A strong community, independent lives
  • Goal 6: Supporting families and carers
  • Goal 7: Greater certainty about the future
  1. Download Together to beat MS: Our strategy 2015 to 2019

Our values

Our Code of Conduct is a statement of the values we uphold in all our activities. Everybody who volunteers for or is employed by the MS Society must take personal responsibility for following this code, as must all those connected with or acting on behalf of the MS Society.

  1. Familiarise yourself with our Code of Conduct

Being a positive ambassador for the MS Society

Whenever you act on behalf of the MS Society, you must remember that you represent the whole organisation. We've put together a range of guidance to support you to be a positive ambassador - in person, in writing, in local media and online.

  1. See our brand identity guide
  2. Learn how to deal with press and publicity
  3. Find out more about using social media

Our standards

We all share a responsibility for the health, safety and wellbeing of everyone involved in our activities.

Safety first

As a volunteer you may meet people out in your community - it’s important that you consider how to keep yourself and others safe.

  1. See our guidance on working safely


You must be discreet with personal information at all times, and maintain confidentiality where necessary. For example, if a person tells you about how their MS affects them and you want to use that information to support your fundraising, campaigning or awareness raising, you must get their written permission first.

  1. Find out what you need to know about data protection
  2. Download a personal information consent form

Risk management

Whenever you organise an event or activity, such as a public meeting or an information stall, you must complete the appropriate risk assessment or guidance document.

  1. Learn how to use our risk management system


Safeguarding means making sure that adults with care and support needs in contact with the MS Society are protected from abuse. If you learn something that you believe to be a safeguarding concern, you have a duty to report it to a member of the Safeguarding Responders Group.

  1. Recognising and reporting safeguarding concerns

Political neutrality

In all our campaigning, we aim to bring about changes in policy, practice, levels of understanding and awareness of MS, both nationally and locally.

As part of this it's important that we have a voice heard by politicians and decision-makers. However, as a national charity, we are also obligated by regulations to campaign in a way that isn’t seen to endorse one political viewpoint, or one political party, over another.

  1. Listen to our audio recording on political neutrality - with Katherine Dickinson, Campaigns Manager and Georgina Carr, External Affairs Manager.
  2. Read the transcript of the audio recording

Any questions?

If you have questions about our goals, values and standards, contact the member of staff who supports you.

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