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Effective fundraising

The Booths have been fundraising for us since 2011. In this online presentation, we find out about their story and how they’ve made this annual event a success. We recommend you view this in full screen and in Google Chrome. Please read our instructions on how to use this presentation.

If you prefer to read this presentation offline, a distance learning pack is available and a transcript of the video.

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To achieve our goals, we need to continually fundraise. The more money we raise, the more people we can help and the faster our progress will be to beat MS.

Planning to fundraise is vital. We always focus on our shared goals first, then we think about how we are going to achieve them and finally, how we will raise the money we need.

As an MS Society fundraiser, you may be involved in fundraising to cover the costs of your group, or to support the delivery of wider local and national services and MS Society objectives.

We've put together a range of resources to help you plan and deliver an effective programme of fundraising activities.

Fundraising basics

Find out about the importance of fundraising in representing the MS Society, our fundraising standards, financial matters, putting together a fundraising plan, recruiting a team of fundraisers and contributing to our national work.

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Ways to fundraise

Whether you're organising a collection or event, a lottery or raffle, or getting involved with national MS Society fundraising opportunities like Cake Break, we've got the information you need.

  1. See some ways to fundraise

Developing fundraising relationships

Relationship building and thanking supporters are vital when asking for donations, fundraising in partnership or applying to local trusts.

  1. Find out more about developing fundraising relationships

MS Society fundraising materials

We want you to feel proud to fundraise for the MS Society, and ensuring you have appropriate branded materials will help you look and feel professional.

  1. See the MS Society branded fundraising materials you can order

Fundraising support

Whatever your fundraising question, there's a staff team or helpful website you can turn to.

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